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Denny Potter

Heaven Hill Brands
Master Distiller
Louisville, KY

Denny Potter is Master Distiller at Heaven Hill Distillery, overseeing the distilling, aging and selecting of Heaven Hill’s world-renowned portfolio of American Whiskeys, which includes Evan Williams, the second largest selling Kentucky Bourbon in the United States and the world. Potter has spent 13 years in distillery operations, and has the enviable position of ensuring that the Bourbon produced at Heaven Hill Distillery possesses the same high quality and consistent taste consumers have come to expect from such storied brands as Evan Williams, Elijah Craig, Larceny and Rittenhouse.  In addition to the distillation and production, Denny is also charged with safe-guarding the world’s second largest inventory of aging Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey—with more than 1.2 million barrels peacefully aging in open rick warehouses. Since his joining Heaven Hill Brands in 2013, the company has substantially expanded production at the Bernheim Distillery while continuing the company’s storied reputation for authenticity and world renowned, award winning brands. Under Potter’s leadership, the company was awarded the lauded 2016 Whiskey Magazine “Distiller of the Year” honor. Denny’s commitment to the craft ensures the whiskey produced and aged at Heaven Hill will continue the tradition of the company’s intense focus on quality and consistency.